U4 Workum II

U4 Workum II

dec 17, 2019 by
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United 4 Sailing in Workum cancelled

The COVID-19 virus has given us some challenges already this sailing season. After we had to cancel both events in April and May, we’ve been looking at the possibilities to organise the events in September. And because the Dutch Youth Regatta also has been cancelled, we’ve looked into possibilities to organise the Open Dutch Championships during the events in Workum and Medemblik this September. The Dutch Watersport Federation has given permission to set this up. During the planning, more and more of the possibilities and rules for events during COVID-19 were getting more clear. 

For both events in Workum and Medemblik, we’ve applied for permits and submitted our plans. Both municipalities reacted positively, but now we’re facing some problems for the event in Workum. For this event we depend on the hospitality of the local sailing club, but now they’ve withdrawn their full cooperation, partly because they couldn’t find enough volunteers to help out in the organisation. The withdrawal of their cooperation is justifiable by this exceptional pandemic, we can only support their decision and understand their concerns.

After checking with the several class organisations, we’ve decided to cancel the event in Workum on the 5th and 6th of September 2020.